Wrilab2: About us

About us

Wrilab2 addresses the needs of

  • students of Czech, German, Italian and Slovenian studying one of these languages as a foreign language in one of the partner countries, both at secondary school and university levels;
  • non-native (adults included) students with migrant backgrounds, who need to improve their written language in their host country. Such students are studying Czech, German, Italian and Slovenian as second languages;
  • teachers in secondary schools and universities who teach any of the languages offered by the project as a foreign language or second language;
  • adults employed in the journalism, tourism, commerce and public administration sectors, interested in improving their writing competences in one of the four L2 proposed.


Wrilab2 aims at

  • offering free interactive language learning materials, specifically designed for the teaching of writing to foreigners in the four languages included in the project;
  • paving the way for a discussion on the European level involving both universities and schools with regards to the methodology and the assessment criteria for the teaching of writing (especially of an argumentative nature) in the four L2s included in the project;
  • creating the appropriate framework for teaching writing to foreign students, ie. a Moodle based  on-line laboratory where a vast typology of texts can be analyzed and explained and the students can be guided during their writing process, from the draft to the final revision, learning to write with a “readerly” sensitivity
  • promoting  the creation of virtual communities, that will enable students to stay in touch with native speakers fellows and teachers to exchange materials and good practices;
  • offering  didactic writing seminars for teachers in the four L2s included in the project (Spring 2016);
  •  offering on-line writing courses (levels B1-B2, B2-C1) for each L2 involved in the project (January-June 2016).